15 Thoughts Every Non-Crafter Has When Trying to DIY Her Wedding

If you’ve ever tried to DIY with no actual crafting skills or experience, then you know what we’re talking about…We know crafting for the less experiences can be daunting and sometimes hilarious. So we’ve pulled together our favorite 15 DIY memes that sum up what every non-crafter experiences while trying a new craft project for her big day.
1. I really want to save money on my wedding. Let me search “wedding crafts” and see what comes up.


2. Hey, I can totally make this. Let’s do it.


3. Where do I even get these materials?


4. What’s a die cut? Sounds dangerous…


5. Do you think I can substitute a glue stick for a hot glue gun?


6. Alright, made it to the craft store. Who knew there could be a whole store dedicated to crafts?


7. How did I spend $200 on supplies? Maybe it would have been cheaper for me to buy this after all…


8. Alright follow the instructions. You can do this. Hone your inner Martha Stewart.


9. Wait, I’m supposed to do what with the paint?


10. Oh darn I messed up. Why doesn’t this look like the photo on Pinterest?!?


11. Gotta go back to Michaels and get more supplies. There goes another $200.


12. I think I’m actually getting the hang of this.


13. These look really good. I’m super proud.


14. Let me post a photo to Instagram so people can check out my new skills.


15. I’m exhausted. No more DIY for a while.


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