Wedding Registry & Gift Guide

Our wedding registry guide is the best place to get tips and registry etiquette, browse top retailers, set up cash registries, honeyfund, and find cool products. Download our free wedding registry checklist below! If you are looking to put together the best wedding registry, Loverly has everything you need to get started.

From pots and pans to bikes and bar carts, create a wedding registry that’s perfect for you with these much-loved retailers.

Create Your Wedding Registry

Did you know that these awesome retailers offer wedding registries? Create your wedding registry at your favorite retailers.

Wedding Registry Tips

Feeling overwhelmed? We break down the basics of setting up your wedding registry, helpful hints, and best practices.

Wedding Registry 101

1. Register for items at different price points and register at more than one store. The main thing guests hate about registries is when they feel like they couple didn’t give them many options. So hit a couple stores and try to choose at least one big-box store that is located in most of your guests’ hometowns so they don’t have to worry about paying for shipping.

2. If you’re going to do a non-traditional wedding registry, try to give guests options. Not all guests like honeymoon registries or cash registries, so if you go this route, you may want to register for a few items at a retailer as well, just so guests feel like they have a choice. If you want to register for both cash and gifts, Blueprint offers a hybrid solution.

3. Rely on word of mouth to let guests know what you really want. It’s not cool to put “No gifts please, we’d prefer cash!” on your invitation (or anywhere, really)…but it’s totally fine if your maid of honor lets your friends know that you’d really prefer cash. So clue your close friends and family into what you really want so they can let guests know when they ask. (And even if you register, they will ask!)

4. If a registry makes you feel icky but your mom is insisting you have to have one, meet in the middle. You can register for a few items that you really would love and use, but keep the registry info off your wedding website entirely. Then your mom (or anyone close to you) can let guests know through word of mouth about the registry if they ask about it, but you won’t feel like you’re pressuring people to buy you something.

5. Remember that no one is required to give you a wedding gift, and they aren’t required to shop the registry. A registry is a list of suggestions, not a shopping list. Be grateful that people want to buy you gifts at all and don’t get too caught up in who gives what, or how much they spend.