Here’s How to Create a Wedding Website That’s Totally You

Your wedding website is where you share ALL the important information about your big day with your nearest and dearest. So you’re going to want to make sure it looks good. And sure, you’ve seen some wonderful wedding website templates out there. But have you ever found like they just don’t feel like you? Well, Loverlies, you’re in luck. Because we’ve curated a list of our favorite wedding websites from Minted to fit your big day style. So whether you’re a boho bride or a classic chick, we’ve got something that represents you.

Wedding websites allow you to share everything from your love story and bridal party picks to that big day accommodation and registry information all in one gorgeous, easy-to-use place. And when it comes times to announce your impending nuptials and ask your guests for their mailing addresses, you can manage it all — including those elusive RSVPs — online. But the best part? These totally customizable websites are all very mobile-friendly, so all your guests can be in the know, even when they’re on the go.

So…are you ready to personalize your website yet? Get started by choosing from one of our hand selected themes and then get down to business customizing your colors, fonts, and layout to ensure it screams Y-O-U!

1. Craving that old school charm? Greet your guests with a nostalgic nod thanks to this vintage design. This website’s handwritten details and soft color palette make it a must-have for a pair of old-fashioned romantics.

2. Hosting an elegant evening? Go for glamour and grace with this endlessly elegant design. We’re loving this gorgeous wedding website because it adds a touch of drama to all your big day details that will get your guests ready for the main event.

3. Planning a modern matrimony? This sleek, minimalistic design is a modern couple’s dream. It’s a streamlined stunner that will definitely bring that contemporary and clean-cut vision you have to life.

4. Are you a boho bride? If you and your partner are free spirits looking for a design that’s as laid back as you are, then THIS is the template for you. This rustic wedding website creates a vibe that’s as easygoing and effortless as you’re hoping your nuptials will be.

5. Consider yourself a classic? You’re a contemporary couple looking for a website that’s totally timeless. We get it; there’s nothing quite like a traditional touch coming through every now and then. So let this simple and sophisticated design really set the tone (and the theme) for your big day.


Want to learn more about our wedding websites? Here’s everything you need to know.

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