5 Mistakes Couples Make When Setting Up Their Wedding Registry

Yay! You’re finally at the point of your wedding planning where you and your partner are going to register for wedding gifts. Assuming you took inventory of your current household items, you probably have a wishlist of items you want to register for. But, before you go hard on the scanner gun at your favorite stores, you and your honey need to take a few moments to plan out your registry goals. Here are some common mistakes newly engaged couples make when setting up their registry.

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1 Only registering at one place.

While it may be convenient to stick to one store, try not to be too inert. We get it, you’re already there, everything is aplenty, but think about your guests. By diversifying the pool of vendors and shops, your guests can really pick and choose what they want to get you — and if the guests are not near any of the specific boutiques, an online option is always a great idea.

2 Only adding "essentials" to your gift registry.

While necessary household items are truly essential (toaster ovens, china, tableware), get creative! Your guests will get excited to see items on the registry that are unique to you two. If you’re both artists, a new canvas or set of oil paints is a fabulous idea. If you’re an outdoorsy couple, a new tent or sleeping bags are very necessary! It’ll show that you put time and effort into thinking of items that you really do need for your future lives and memories.

3 Forgetting to add gifts under $50.

While guests may collaborate and go splitsies on a grand wedding gift, be mindful and courteous of some of your other gifts that are not looking to spend that much money on a gift. Everyone’s on a budget and keeping items in there that aren’t in the 3-digit range is really considerate.

4 Not adding enough quantities to your sets.

This registry mistake is quite common, so in order to avoid this headache, make sure you’re adding the right amount to the items that you need multiples of on your registry. How many flatware sets do you need? How many candelabras are actually going on the mantle? How many fine stem wine glasses are necessary on the new bar cart (that you also registered for)?

5 Forgetting to include your registry on your wedding website or invitations.

And lastly, don’t forget to include the registry link and information on your wedding website or invite! This is to avoid any potential influx of messages of “where’s the link to your registry” or “hey…do you guys have a wedding registry? I can’t find it on your website” — because if you don’t add it on there, guaranteed, you WILL be getting those messages. Your guests are going to be utilizing the wedding website as their primary resource for wedding details, so adding this to your site is key.