This Post-Wedding Checklist to Wrap it All Up

So you say “I Do”, maybe you go off on your honeymoon, you come back, and now what? What are you supposed to do once the wedding is over? You have all these decorations, and clothes, and gifts, and rentals, and no idea what to do with it all? Well, here’s our post-wedding checklist to help wrap everything up in a simple and organized way.


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Post -Wedding Checklist To Wrap it All Up


Preserve your wedding dress, gown or suit.

After the wedding day, don’t just stuff your wedding attire in the closet. Preserve your attire appropriately so you can always have it in pristine condition.


Send out thank you notes for your family and friends.

Once they’re all prepared and the big day has passed, go ahead and send off your personal thank you notes to all of your friends and family.


Return any rentals

Don’t get hit with any late fees. Make sure to take the time to return anything your may have rented or borrowed, including clothing, decor, and materials.


Have your post-wedding brunch.

Relax with the ones you love after your wedding over some good food!


Review your vendors.

Help other nearlyweds by taking some time to review your experiences with your vendors.


If you’re changing your name, collect necessary paperwork and start process.

It doesn’t have to be a hassle. But, make sure you and your partner decide on what you would like to do and are in agreement.


Sell any wedding decor items or attire that you no longer want to keep.

Not everyone has the space or desire to keep everything used in their wedding. Finding either another place to keep it, selling it, or donating it to others that would appreciate it are good alternatives.


Go on your honeymoon!

Spend time alone with your new spouse. Take the time to relax, bond, and enjoy your newlywed life.


Come home from your honeymoon

It’s time to come home to start your life together.


Enjoy married life!

You’re officially married. Remember to keep in mind everything you promised each other at the altar and to always stay in #loverly.


Hope this keeps you closet clean and you mind at ease. Message us on social to let us know how you like it, and don’t forget to #stayloverly…