4 Ways to Do a Little Wedding Planning During the Holidays

We know this time of year is all about family and togetherness, but we actually think the holidays are a perfect time to do a little wedding planning. (And what are weddings about if not family and togetherness?!) If you are traveling or off work, you’ll likely have some down time…so rather than playing Candy Crush for hours, here are some ways you can get a little wedding planning done.

wedding planning during holidays

Photo by Greyson Joralemon


1. Look at wedding inspiration and research vendors with your fiance. Even if you browse wedding inspiration regularly for fun, finding time to sit down and browse as a couple can actually be tough. And while the holidays can certainly be busy, they often include a lot of down time. So if you’ll just be hanging out at your parents’ place in the days between Christmas and New Year’s, set aside some time to browse for wedding ideas and researching venues and people to hire. (We recommend sending out emails to venues and vendors you’re interested in while you’re at it; you may not hear back for a few days, but it feels so good to get those initial emails sent!)

2. Read gift guides to find bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas. Because when you’re ready to start buying gifts in May, you won’t have all these great gift ideas right in front of you! Even if you don’t buy the products now, you’ll likely get some ideas you hadn’t thought of before. (Hint: gift guides are also a great place to find ideas for wedding gifts for the coming year!)

3. Take advantage of the face time with your family and friends. One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding these days is that family and friends are often so spread out, meaning a trip to the bridal salon with your mom and all your maids is a long shot. So think about any aspects of your wedding you need to discuss in person (like the budget and guest list) or any shopping that you’d prefer to do offline (like trying on bridesmaids dresses) and try to find a time to do it when people are around this week.

4. Work on your DIY projects. Again, if you have a few days off work and you know you’ll have some down time, it’s a great time to tackle one of your wedding DIY tasks. What would feel like it’s taking over your entire weekend during the rest of the year week will feel much less stressful during a week-long vacation. And attempting a DIY project well in advance — when you still have time to give up and hire someone if it doesn’t work out — is always a good idea.