Here’s Exactly Who Does What on the Big Day (In Case You Were Wondering)

Your wedding day is full of moving pieces, which can make planning tedious and stressful. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of friends and family to help bear the load! Don’t forget to delegate responsibilities, so that every member of your wedding party has a specific role. Not sure who should take care of what? Here’s a quick cheat sheet for your reference.

Wedding Positions: Who Does What at the Wedding

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The Bride: Responsibilities of the bride include showing up for the big day, getting glammed up, coordinating with the wedding planner or vendors if needed, walking down the aisle, reciting vows, signing the marriage certificate, and enjoying herself.

The Groom: The groom is responsible for showing up at the venue in a timely manner, bringing the wedding bands, reciting vows, signing the marriage certificate, and having fun!

The Maid (or Matron) of Honor: The MOH is the bride’s go to girl. She’s responsible for keeping the bride and bridal party on schedule, helping the bride relax on the big day, serving as a contact with vendors if needed, holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, signing the marriage certificate, and giving a toast at the reception.

The Best Man: The best man is the groom’s go to guy. He’s responsible for helping keep the groom and groomsmen on schedule, keeping track of the wedding bands pre-ceremony, signing the marriage certificate, and giving a speech during the reception.

The Groomsmen: Typically friends and family of the bride and groom, the groomsmen are part of the groom’s entourage. They’re responsible for showing up on the big day, walking down the aisle (possibly escorting the bridesmaids), participating in group photos, and helping the couple celebrate the big day.

The Bridesmaids: The bridesmaids are the bride’s gal pals. On the big day they’ll show up early to get ready with the bride, wear outfits selected by the bride, walk down the aisle (maybe with the groomsmen), participate in group photos, and assist the bride with tasks throughout the day and night.

The Mother of the Bride: The mother of the bride is there to help keep the bride calm on the big day. She’ll be escorted down the aisle during the ceremony, and might give a speech at the reception.

The Father of the Bride: The father of the bride will walk the bride down the aisle, and may also give a speech. He’ll likely take part in a father and daughter dance.

The Parents of the Groom: The parents of the groom are on hand during the day to help where needed. The groom’s mother may also participate in a special mother and son dance.

The Ring Bearer: Usually a child, the ring bearer brings the wedding bands down the aisle.

The Flower Girl: Also usually a child, the flower girl tosses flower petals on the aisle before the bride walks down it.

The Ushers: These guys and gals help guests hand out programs and help guests find their seats before the “I dos.”