You NEED to Invite These 10 Guests to Your Wedding

There are those wedding guests you definitely want to avoid at all costs. And then there are the guests who make every wedding so much better. These are the people you always need to add to the wedding guest list. They love weddings and always show up ready to wish you well and have a great time. So while you’re stressing, ahem, pulling together your guest list, don’t forget to add these fun party animals to the mix!

Wedding Guest List – Who You NEED to Invite

wedding guest list

1. The still-married octogenarians: A couple who has celebrated 50 years together gives you something to aspire to with your marriage.

2. The flower girl who LIVES for weddings: She’s so excited to be there and her enthusiasm is infectious.

3. The too-cool-for-school ring bearer: There’s nothing cuter than a little man rocking a sweet suit as he brings the rings down the aisle in style.

4. The up-for-anything older brothers: The big brothers and cousins who love to have a good time are the most likely to plan a great surprise for the couple, pose for hilarious photos, and generally keep everyone laughing all night.

5. The perfect-toast-writing bridesmaid: A BFF who can give the perfect speech—equal parts funny and touching, with at least one embarrassing story—is one of the highlights of the reception.

6. The emotional dad: Most guests (and couples) can hold it together…until the dad starts crying. Then it’s all over.

7. The finally-cutting-loose mom: After stressing about making sure everything’s perfect for the wedding, she has a glass (or three!) of champagne and BAM — she’s getting down on the dance floor.

8. The bustin’-a-move best man: Someone needs to get the party started, and having a best man who is willing to be first on on the dance floor means you’re sure to have an awesome reception.

9. The groovin’ grandma: We love when older generations hit the dance floor to show the young ones how it’s done.

10. The posh pooch: We adore dogs in bow ties, so we love the fact that more and more couples are including their best friends in their weddings!