12 Wedding Fails That Will Make You Feel WAY Better About Your Big Day

When you think of your wedding, beautiful bouquets, breath-taking tablescapes, and perfectly poised photos with your partner. But sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Maybe you trip over your dress as you walk into the reception or your dad steps on your gorgeous cathedral length veil as he’s walking you down the aisle or your partner gets a little too excited about smashing cake in your face. No matter what big day disasters you come across as you plan your nuptials, these twelve wedding fails will make you feel SO much better about your big day.

  1. 1. Looks like somebody needs to learn their homophones…

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2. It doesn’t seem like they have much left to “celebrate”:

3. “I will FIGHT all the other single ladies!”

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4. This flower girl just wants to be noticed…

5. He knocked her off her feet… literally!

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6. Now THAT’S an entrance they’ll never forget.

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8. All they wanted was a nice picture on the beach.

9. They were a liiiittle too excited to get the party started.

10. Words are hard.

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11. He was way too excited about smashing some cake in her face.

12. That’s just lazy…


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