5 Reasons You Should Definitely Go To A Wedding Expo

After you get engaged, you’ll be floating on cloud nine, just basking in the glow of your sparkly new ring. But at some point, the euphoria of the engagement will start to fade and you’ll remember that now you have to plan a wedding. So… where do you start? Before you get overwhelmed by the mountain of decisions ahead of you, take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is the fun part! To help get the ideas flowing, you might want to check out a wedding expo. These bridal shows are full of local wedding professionals just waiting to help plan your big day. Here are five reasons to get your tickets ASAP:

wedding expo

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash


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1 You’ll get to meet vendors face-to-face.

Researching wedding pros online is a good place to start, but you really can’t choose who to hire until you meet them. If you start your planning at a wedding show, you will get to know the person behind the brand right away. You’ll get to talk to them and get a sense of their personality and work style; if you click right off the bat, then you’ll be able to cross some things off your to-do list quickly.

2 You’ll get to see their work in person. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, seeing something with your own eyes is just priceless. Florists, caterers, stationery stores, photo booth owners, and more often show off a sampling of their actual work or inventory. You’ll get to see the quality of their work for yourself, which means you can really make some informed decisions before putting up any cash. You can also discuss any options for customized pieces right up front.


3 You’ll save yourself some planning time. 

Many couples leave a wedding expo with three or four vendors already picked out…or at least a better sense of what they want (or really don’t want). Narrowing down your search in one day will really save you time on research (we’ve all been down the internet rabbit hole before), scheduling meetings, reading reviews, and more. Plus, the earlier you book one vendor, the sooner they can refer you to other reputable wedding pros in your area. Just be sure to bring your checkbook and calendar so you can schedule a private consultation.

4 You can go as a group! 

It’s not easy to coordinate the schedules of everyone helping plan your wedding, from you and your spouse-to-be to your bridal party, mother, and wedding planner. Most wedding expos encourage you to come with an entourage, so you’ll only have to get everyone together once. After that, you can pick and choose who goes with you to fittings, meetings, and appointments. Plus, going with a group will help you cover twice as much ground and will help you make decisions more efficiently — you KNOW your mom has opinions and it’s good to hear your partner’s thoughts from the beginning. At the very least, bring the planning VIPs so you’re all starting off on the same page.

5 You’ll score some awesome deals and prizes. 

Many vendors offer deals and discounts to potential clients (that’s you!) that they meet at a wedding expo. Take advantage of the offers while you can — you can’t get these deals without going to the show! Plus, bridal shows often include raffles or door prizes. You could walk away with free jewelry, gift certificates toward your cake, and more. That’s reason enough to go!

Ready to hit the expo scene? Search for an event near you here.

— By Kristin Doherty