14 Things Every Couple Thinks While Choosing a Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue, there are a lot of questions, concerns and thoughts that will run through your mind.

From determining whether the venue fits your overall vibe to the process of signing on the dotted line, here are fourteen things you’re sure to think while choosing your wedding venue.

1. There are so many venues, I feel overwhelmed.

2. Wait, we actually have to tour each of these spaces?

3. What do you mean you have no availability next year?

4. This room costs how much for just one day?

5. Look at all this space!

6. I could rent an entire home for the cost of this venue…

7. Does this place feel like us?

8. Since this space holds 300, we’ll just have to invite more guests!

9. Does this venue fit my theme? Can you picture a photo booth in this space?

10. What’s a soft hold?

11. Can we bring our own booze?

12. Okay, we love it. What do we have to do to secure this thing?

13. I feel like we’re signing our life away. Just take all of our money.

14. YAY! We have a wedding date and a venue!

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