8 Things NOT to Say to Your Spouse-to-Be While Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be downright stressful, which can cause you to say or do things you normally wouldn’t. But, no matter how massive the pressure, it shouldn’t serve as an excuse to say hurtful or absolutely inappropriate things to your spouse-to-be.

To prevent hurt feelings and a disastrous fight, here are eight things you should NOT (we repeat, NOT) say to your significant other during the planning process.

dont say this while wedding planning, Avoid Saying These Things To Your Partner While Wedding Planning

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1. “I can’t wait ’til this is over…”
If you’re already talking about the wedding being over, this can pose some serious concerns about your marriage. We get it, wedding planning isn’t for everyone, but we hope you’re at least a little excited to tie the knot.

2. “You’re not being helpful…”
Your S.O. doesn’t want to hear that he or she isn’t being supportive or helpful during the planning process. Especially if they are actually trying to help. Instead of criticizing, ask for help where you need it.

3. “Can’t you spend more time doing (insert wedding task here)?”
We’re all for shared responsibilities, but don’t use wedding planning as an excuse to nag about upcoming tasks. Chances are your partner is doing the best that he or she can, so making them feel guilty about their time commitment is a slippery slope.

4. “You need to change your (insert appearance characteristic here) before the wedding.”
While weddings are an opportunity to look your best, now is not the time to suggest that your S.O. drops 25 pounds or makes a dramatic wardrobe change. In fact, it’s a great time to remind your partner you love them just the way they are.

4. “F*ck it. Let’s elope.
If you’re already planning to elope, great. But if you’re not, don’t continue to bring up the topic. At this point, your partner has probably spent a lot of time and energy on the big day and doesn’t need a reason to feel guilty for not running down to City Hall.

5. “Why is your (insert family member here) being so demanding?”
Weddings are a chance for families to come together. Don’t beat your partner up if his or her family can be overbearing or over-enthusiastic.

6. “Do we really need to spend money on that?”
Cross-checking the budget is important, but make sure to consider your partner’s feelings before broaching the subject. Don’t criticize the cost of the wedding details that are important to him or her, because most likely, they’re compromising on details that are important to you.

7. “I don’t care.”
There’s nothing more hurtful than disinterest. Especially if your partner does care and is dedicating all of his/her energy into wedding planning.