How to Stay Healthy When You Spend Every Weekend at a Wedding

During summer wedding season, even the most early-morning-running, green-juice-making, extra-high-SPF-wearing gals can have a hard time putting their health first. Days spent traveling, buffets filled with less-than-healthy choices, too much sun, and loads of wedding cake and champagne toasts can leave you feeling sluggish by summer’s end. If every wedding invitation seems like a stumbling block to healthy living, read on for our tips for feeling your best.

1. Slather on SPF and bring along a parasol. If your pal is having an outdoor wedding, you probably don’t want to accessorize your cute dress with a nasty sunburn. So spray on a sheer sunscreen when you get dressed and a face lotion with SPF in your clutch for further protection once you arrive. And pop open your parasol to keep the sun off your face if possible.

2. Pack a snack. You might find yourself famished after a late-afternoon ceremony and ready to attack the first tray of sliders that comes your way during cocktail hour. We suggest packing a baggie of nuts in your clutch to eat en route to the reception so you aren’t hangry by the time the waiter with the appetizers finally comes your way.

3. Avoid sugary drinks. Many mixed drinks are loaded with sugar, which wreaks havoc on your skin and leads to painful hangovers (which then lead to the Nutella waffles at brunch the next day…) Get a healthier buzz by sipping on an old fashioned or a vodka and water with lots of lemon and lime juice.

4. Fill up on proteins. While the bruschetta and veggie skewers may look amazing (and the veggies are healthy!), grab a few chicken kabobs or cocktail shrimp; these healthy proteins will take the edge off your hunger and make it easier to avoid diving headfirst into the bread basket later.

5. Schedule some activity during destination wedding weekends. If you’re traveling to a wedding, plan to try a new running route, try a local yoga class, or just explore your destination on foot for a couple hours once you arrive. It’s a great way to learn a little more about the locale, and will get you in a healthy mindset after a day of eating airport food.

6. Drink plenty of water. Yes, you knew we were going to say that, but it’s classic advice for a reason! The heat and humidity at summer weddings can lead to dehydration, so bring a bottle of water to the ceremony and down a glass of water between each cocktail you have.

7. Be social and bust a move on the dance floor. Few things make us feel happy and healthy like socializing with people we love and getting our hearts racing on the dance floor. So when “Come Get It, Bae” comes on…go get it.



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