10 Reactions You’ll Have When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Shopping for your wedding dress can be a simultaneously stressful and joyous experience. Just like meeting your fiancé, they say of finding your wedding dress: “when you know, you know.” So while it can be a little stressful we always look for an opportunity to lighten the mood. We’ve rounded up the top 10 gif’s that sum up how you may feel while shopping for wedding dresses.

Here are 10 reactions you may have before the big “yes” moment…

1. This dress costs HOW much?!

2. Does this bridal consultant understand me AT ALL?

3. Well my mother-in-law’s dress pick is HEINOUS….

4. 50% off!?! Is this real life?!

5. Too bad I would never be caught dead in it…

6. I can’t tell whether or not my friends ACTUALLY like this dress…

7. I’m not sure I can walk in this thing…

8. The crystals on this dress are blinding…and I kind of like it.

9. #IFeelLikeAPrincess


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