How to Deal When You KNOW Your Partner’s Going to Propose

Most proposals are a surprise, but sometimes, you already know when a proposal is coming your way. Whether you’ve talked about your marriage timeline, picked out your rings together or “accidentally” found your engagement ring hiding in your partner’s sock drawer, knowing that this big question is in your near future can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. Don’t fret—here’s how to handle it.

Your Partner's Going to Propose
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Think before you tell too many people. We know—you’re literally bursting at the seams because you so badly want to tell everyone what’s about to happen. But hold off (if you can!). First, if you tell too many people, word might get back to your fiance-to-be, and he or she might feel like the surprise is ruined. And secondly, spreading the word before it’s official will make your actual engagement announcement a little lackluster. Wait until you have a ring to show off and a partner to celebrate with.

Don’t assume it’s going to happen every time you do something special. If you start thinking a proposal will happen on every dinner date or every walk in the park, you’re going to drive yourself absolutely crazy. Sure, you might wanna keep those nails painted (just in case…), but there’s no need to get your hopes up. Let it happen when it happens.

Appreciate the surprises. The proposal might feel a little less surprising if you know it’s in the works, but remember that you don’t know everything that’s going to happen. Maybe you’ve already seen the ring and have a hunch about where it’ll take place, but you still don’t know what your partner will say or how you’ll spend the rest of the day as a newly engaged couple. Keeping the surprises in mind will help you stay excited (not impatient) for the big question.

Don’t start planning the wedding. Sure, go ahead and start day dreaming, but don’t worry about logistics or specifics yet. You’ll have plenty of time to plan a wedding that you’ll love, but starting too soon could make the proposal and your engagement feel a little less special.

Be patient! Even if you know a proposal is in your future, it might not be coming all that soon. That’s especially true if your partner knows that you’re expecting it — they’re probably trying to catch you off guard. When you finally do make it official, you’ll feel more relieved than ever!

–By Kristin Doherty

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