Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Having a Girl & Her Name Will Be…

Will and Kate just found out they’re having a baby girl! A Palace insider told OK! Magazine that the Royal Couple found out the gender during their 21-week scan, and now the only question on anyone’s mind is…what they’ll name their little princess (she’s literally a princess, guys):

“The couple ‘felt they needed to either go with something very traditional, like Elizabeth or Mary, or something that had a lot of meaning to them. So they’ve gone with the latter.'”

So, what name has a lot of meaning to the couple? (drum roll, please…) DIANA!

Of course, this is all just speculation at this point, but the magazine’s source explained that Kate was the one behind the name choice. She reportedly wanted Diana’s charitable legacy to live on:

“They decided then and there that no matter what anyone said, they were sticking to naming their baby girl after her late grandmother.”

And, apparently the Queen approves:

“She told [William] that while she knows she had her issues with Diana in the past, she couldn’t deny that she was an amazing mother.”

Prince William credits his mother for his very happy childhood, so it’s wonderful to see her Royal Highness putting aside her differences with the Princess for the sake of her new great-granddaughter!

We absolutely LOVE their name choice and our fingers are crossed that this name is for reals. Congrats to the Royal Family on their new baby girl!

Photo from @wonderfully_catherine via Instagram/em>

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