5 Post-Wedding Costs You Should Budget for Now

Thought you could forget about dealing with your wedding budget after the bash? It’s not going to work that way. Even though most of your finances will go to the actual event, there are a few post-big day details that will end up on your credit card bill. The best way to prepare is to budget for these items now.

Post-Wedding Costs You Need to Add To Your Wedding Budget

1. Printing photos.

A good chunk of your budget will go toward a fantastic photographer. So, don’t let those gorgeous photos only live in the digital world. Be sure to add a bit to the photo budget for printing. While small prints are quite cheap, bigger prints for framing and fancy photo books can be a significant cost. No need to plan out exactly what you’ll want to print, but try to guess how much you’ll want to spend.

2. Thank you note postage.

You probably already remembered to add thank you notes to your stationery budget (if not, add that now), but almost everyone overlooks the postage. You’ll be surprised how much it can add up. Mailing your thank you cards should cost less than your wedding invites. Remember, this stationery typically weighs less and has a more standard shape, but this small detail could blindside you.

3. Court order to change your name.

If you’re planning to change your name after the wedding, don’t forget that the process isn’t free. Since it’s a legal process, there are often filing fees, certified copy costs, and charges for new documents like your license and passport. The costs vary by state, so check online to budget accordingly.

4. Dress or flower preservation.

Do you want to hold onto the gorgeous dress and stunning bouquet after the big day? Trust us, you’ll want to store these items safely. To keep them in tip-top condition, it’s best to have them professionally preserved. Sure, it’s another line on your budget, but you won’t regret it in the long run.

5. The gifts you didn’t get.

Chances are, your entire registry won’t be spoken for by the time the big day is over. For the remaining items, you’ll end buying them shortly after the “I dos.” Most of the time, stores will let registered couples buy items on the list at a discount for a few months post-wedding.

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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by these unexpected costs? Don’t forget that after the “I dos,” you can sell some of the other items you bought. Are you really going to use that card box again? Or, that cake stand? Sell them to offset these extra charges.

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