6 Photo Booth Rules Every Wedding Guest Should Know

We won’t ever get sick of photo booths at weddings or any event, for that matter. As a guest, photo booths can be tons of fun, if you follow some common etiquette rules. These “rules” aren’t as formal as other big day etiquette guidelines, but if you keep these things in mind for the next celebration, you (and every other guest) can enjoy the photo sesh without any tension.

Photo Booth Rules Every Wedding Guest Should Know


1 Put down your drink.
  1. There’s nothing worse than a photo booth that’s covered in spilled drinks or paper props ruined with a slosh of someone’s beverage. Let yourself strike some silly poses without worrying about spillage — just put your champagne down while you snap the pics. Your fellow photo takers (and everyone who uses the booth after you) will thank you. Plus, if you’ve had a few drinks already, you definitely don’t need to show it off with a glass in hand.
2 Don’t try to squeeze in a million people.

There isn’t one hard-and-fast rule for how many people should fit into a shot — it’ll depend on the size of the booth. When it feels like the snap is getting even a little crowded, cut it off. The more people in front of the lens, the more likely an accident could happen. Not to mention you probably won’t even be able to see everyone! If you really want everyone in the portrait, take multiple shots.

3 Don’t dominate the photo booth.

When you know a ton of people at the reception, you’ll probably want a fun picture with everyone. Try not to take tons of snaps right after the other because it’s not your personal photo shoot. Instead, take breaks between each of your sessions so other guests can get a turn.

4 Photobombing isn’t cool.

It probably seems so funny after you’ve had a few of the couple’s signature cocktails, but you’ll end up ruining another group’s pictures and slow down the line. Contain yourself like an adult, please.

5 Leave the props there.

We know how tempting it is to take that feather boa and oversized sunglasses with you on the dance floor — but they’re meant to stay with the photo booth. First of all, this makes sure that other guests can flaunt the fun accessories in their shots. More importantly, though, the props might belong to the rental company, and the couple could be charged if they aren’t returned. Don’t be that person.

6 Keep it classy.

No matter how intimate it seems, a photo booth is not a private room. You’re likely not the only one who will see the pics you take. In most cases, a second copy is printed for the newlyweds to add to their guest book or wedding scrapbook. Don’t take a racy or inappropriate picture you wouldn’t want to the couple — and their families — to see.

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