How to Pick the Perfect Diamond Cut for Your Personality


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Not quite sure which diamond shape suits you (and your ring finger) best? With so many cuts to choose from, playing favorites can feel nearly impossible. But with a little help from the jewelry experts at Zales, it’s as easy as matching your personality to the perfect fit.

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If you’re totally traditional… 
If you’re a classic girl who likes to keep her accessories simple, a round stone is for you. Traditionalists will love this timeless shape for its sparkling 58 facets.

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If you’re thoroughly modern…
Clean and angular, a princess cut diamond is perfect for the modern bride. It’s super streamlined (just like your personal style) and totally contemporary.

Princess Cut

If you’re a bold bride-to-be…
Are you perfectly poised? Seriously confident? The emerald cut is a glamorous attention-getter that’s made to be worn proudly.

Emerald Cut

If you’re a hopeless romantic… 
A cushion-cut is soft and sweet (just like you!). You’ll fall head over heels with its gentle grace and elegance.

Cushion Cut

If you’re an out-of-the-box bride…
If you’re a fashion lover with a unique sense of style, a heart-cut diamond just might be your match. Flaunt your forever crush with this statement-maker.


If you’re endlessly elegant…
The marquise diamond, whose elongated cut is designed to make any stone look larger than it is, is for those who love glamour and opulence. It’s undoubtedly eye-catching!


If you’re oh-so-sophisticated…
You’re a classic girl with a contemporary edge. Opt for a shimmering oval cut diamond—a more modern take on the timeless round cut.


If you’re a little rebellious…
Do you play by your own rules? The unusually shaped pear cut diamond, also known as the teardrop, is fit for a decidedly independent individual!


Whatever your style, you’ll find a diamond shape to suit it at Zales!

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