10 Signs That Your Maid of Honor Is “the One”

Ok, so you’ve said “YES!” to the big question, but now you need to pick one of your pals to stand beside you as Maid of Honor on the big day…

Think you know who you’ll choose? Here are ten surefire signs that your Maid of Honor is the perfect match.

1. She knows your likes and dislikes.

2. She’s stood by you through thick and thin.

3. She loves and respects the relationship you have with your S.O.

4. You have similar taste in decor, dresses, and food.

5. She’s genuinely excited about your wedding.

6. She’ll be a good sport when it comes to helping you with “all the things.”

7. She knows your nearest and dearest and is comfortable taking the lead with last-minute planning communication.

8. She’s a planner (or can put her planner hat on!).

9. She knows how to have a good time.

10. You can’t imagine your big day without her.

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