8 Ways to Nail Being a Bridesmaid When You Don’t Live Nearby

Ok, so your bestie (who lives halfway across the country, by the way) has just gotten engaged and she’s asked you to stand by her side as a bridesmaid. You’re totally stoked, but you already know that supporting your BFF during the big day planning process will be extra tough when you’re doing it long-distance.

To make sure you’re nailing your ‘maid duties no matter where you are, here are nine tips you need to keep in mind.

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1. Talk about the timeline as soon as possible.

From dress fittings to vendor meetings, the bride-to-be might be hoping you’ll come to town to lend a hand. Think about your schedule and budget and talk to your BFF about your availability sooner rather than later so she knows what to expect.

2. Offer to share joint inspiration boards.

Utilize inspiration technology (like Loverly,Instagram, and Pinterest) to share ideas. Your bestie will love having someone to bounce ideas off of, and it can all happen online.

3. Set weekly or bi-weekly phone dates.

Schedule regular phone calls specifically to talk all things wedding. It’ll be a great time to review to do lists, tie up loose ends, and to simply listen if a certain someone needs to vent.

4. Be particularly punctual when ordering your dress.

If you can’t join the rest of the girls to try on and purchase the bride’s dress pick, make sure to take care of it on your own in a timely manner. You don’t want anyone panicked over whether or not you’ll have something to wear to the wedding.

5. Let your bestie know you’re thinking about her.

From an encouraging card to a small gift, the busy bride-to-be will love getting something unexpected in the mail from her faraway friend.

6. Volunteer to help with whatever you can.

While you may not be able to stuff envelopes, there are plenty of tasks you can help with remotely. Make sure your gal pal knows that you’re happy to help with any task that doesn’t require your physical presence.

7. Attend any events you can.

If possible, set aside the time and money to make it to the shower and bachelorette party. If you really can’t swing it, send a thoughtful gift or work with one of the other bridesmaids to buy everyone a round of drinks from afar.

8. Arrange to arrive early.

Do your best to get to the wedding destination a few days before the “I dos.” It’s likely your BFF will need help with last minute details, and being there for her in the final stretch is the perfect way to pitch in!

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