The 6 Most Important Bridesmaid Duties You Need to Know

Are you feeling a little uncertain about what wedding tasks fall to you as a bridesmaid? We totally get it (especially if you’re a first timer!). If you’ve been asked to be a ‘maid and you’re not quite sure what responsibilities come along with the role, here are six of the most important bridesmaid duties you’ll need to take on.

important bridesmaid duties
Photo by: Cory Jackie


1 Purchase a dress while keeping the peace.

For some weddings, that means hitting up bridal salons as a group to try on dresses. For others, it may mean shopping on your own with certain guidelines in mind and snapping photos to get the bride’s approval. Whatever the plan, play along and play nice. If the bride wants opinions, be constructive and sensitive. If she’s got something very specific in mind, support her decision and encourage the rest of the crew to do the same!

2 Be cool and cooperative.

Even though you may sometimes get frustrated with the bride (remember, it can be a stressful role!) you should always be calm and cooperative. If the bride decides at the last minute that she wants to change the hair salon where you already booked your appointments, do your best to go with the flow and lend a hand. Arguing with her will only make her – and you – feel bad.

3 Bring your enthusiasm and excitement.

Being excited may sound like a super easy task, but there may be times when it isn’t (like when you open your inbox to find 37 urgent bachelorette party emails the morning a big project is due…). Yes, it can be tough to juggle bridesmaids tasks with your personal life, but when you’re in wedding mode, make sure to put on a smile and show some enthusiasm. The bride and the rest of the gang will really appreciate it.

4 Keep the complaints to yourself.

Sometimes being a bridesmaid ain’t easy. It can be an expensive role to fill, and one that occasionally requires wearing a dress that you despise or carrying flowers that you can’t stand. But, no matter how much you may want to, don’t start complaining. If you’re concerned about expenses and expectations, discuss them with the bride or Maid of Honor at the very beginning, so there are fewer surprises along the way.

5 Help plan all the parties.

Lend a hand to the Maid of Honor, the mother of the bride, and anyone else who is involved in planning the big events. Offer to take on a specific task, like organizing and executing the games at the shower, or making restaurant reservations for the bachelorette party. Or, simply ask whoever is hosting how you can be most helpful!

6 Be there for the bride.

Remember that she asked you to be in the wedding party because she loves you, trusts you, and wants to spend this special time with you by her side. Make sure you show your appreciation for being asked to fill such an important role by showing her loads and loads of love and support!

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