What Your Partner Is REALLY Thinking As You Start Wedding Planning

You’re engaged — congrats! Now you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. And while you may be over-the-moon excited about all there is to get done, your partner, well, maybe not so much. Of course, they’re supportive, loving, and really want to care about patterns and colors as much as you do, but it just doesn’t come naturally for them. (Not that they’d ever tell YOU that.) If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly what’s going through your partner’s mind as you dive into the wedding planning process, now you do.


2. What do you mean we need to book the venue now? We JUST got engaged last weekend!

3. Cool, cool, you choose whatever table patterns you want. I just wanna plan my bachelor party!

4. How could choosing colors possibly be so confusing? Blue is blue in my book. Why do you insist that there are 46 different names for blue?!

5. Did you just mention the booze portion of the night? Okay, I’m listening…


6. I’d like to do an air guitar solo after our first dance. I’d totally kill it.

7. Wait, wait, wait. It costs HOW MUCH?!?

8. I get that you want to plan the wedding first, but let’s talk about the honeymoon instead. I’m thinking…Bora Bora! No, South Africa! No, Iceland! No…ALL THE PLACES!

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