3 Reasons to Have a Friend or Loved One Officiate Your Wedding

Are you still on the hunt for the perfect wedding officiant to get you through the “I dos”? Well, it might be time to ask a friend or loved one to fill the role! Don’t let the fact that your brother or bestie isn’t ordained stand in the way and here’s why your friend should officiate the wedding.

Why Your Friend Should Officiate The Wedding


  1. While guidelines vary from one location to the next, the process of getting certified is pretty simple and can even be done online. Plus, I’ve got three really good reasons to consider asking a special someone to step in.
  2. 1. The ceremony will be much more personal.

Exchanging vows is a unique and intimate experience. And when someone close to you and your partner presides over the ceremony, not only do you have a beautiful way to honor them, but the wedding takes on a much more heartfelt and personalized tone. Be sure to have some tissues on hand, because this also means it can be very emotional, too!

2. You’ll feel completely relaxed at the altar.

If you hire an officiant, you may not meet him or her until a few weeks or even a few minutes before the big day. But, if you opt for someone you know, you will have plenty of time to talk in depth about your vows and readings. Having the opportunity to talk through ideas and practice as much as you need to in order to feel comfortable will make you feel less anxious once the day comes.

3. The wedding photos will be extra memorable.

Your officiant will be in your wedding photos forever, but you may forget his or her name before your first anniversary… Having someone special conduct your ceremony will make your photos extra sentimental and meaningful!