The 10 Most Embarrassing Dance Moves People Try at Weddings

We get it, not everyone has the right dance moves. Some of us even have two left feet. But for some reason, weddings bring out the Beyonce and Michael Jackson in all of us…whether that skill is there or not. If you fall somewhere between an Irish Step Dancer and Mom Dancing, we’ve got a list of 10 embarrassing dance moves to avoid making on the dance floor at your wedding, your friend’s wedding, or your office holiday party.

1. The musician. There’s a band for a reason, and you’re not part of it.

2. The shuffle. If a cartoon duck can match these moves, they’re probably not for you.

3. The slow fade. If you’re going to dance, dance. Confidence is key, and this move is a surefire way to get noticed for the wrong reasons.

4. Vogue-ing. We’ll grant you an exception if the song is actually playing, but otherwise, rely on some moves that weren’t made famous in a 90s music video.

5. Raising the roof. It’s already up there, and it doesn’t need your help to stay up.

6. Whatever this move is. If Napoleon Dynamite did it, you should probably stay away.

7. The cowboy. Unless you’re actually riding a horse, please leave this one on the farm.

8. Intense dance faces. Everyone can see you! What are you doing?

9. Breakdancing. Unless we’re in the 80s and on a city street corner, it’s neither the time nor the place.

10. Sultry dancing. If you don’t think your grandma would like to see it, don’t make everyone else have to watch it. Save this one for the bachelorette.