4 Reasons Not to Have a Drone at Your Wedding

Drones at weddings just might be the next big thing! As reported by The New York Times and The Today Show, some couples are opting for drones as a way to capture their ceremony from every angle. While we’re all about the marriage (heh) of weddings and technology, we’re not quite on board with this idea yet. Here’s why:

1. They are noisy. “Do you, Rachel, take Eric?” “HUH?” “I SAID, DO YOU RACHEL…?” “WHAT??” “DO YOU RACHEL….?” “I SAID I DO!!!!!” Shouting your vows is not exactly romantic, and the drone’s hum is sure to distract guests.

2. They are dangerous. Just watch this groom getting nailed by one and try and tell us this is what you want for your wedding day.

3. They’re maybe kind of illegal. The FAA prohibits the commercial use of drones outside (as a New York Congressman learned the hard way after his wedding last summer), meaning a professional photog is not allowed to use one to capture your beautiful mountaintop ceremony. Yes, they can be used indoors…but is the video of the top of your head during your ceremony really going to be that breathtaking?

4. They are creepy.  Is this a wedding…or an episode of Scandal? The sudden appearance of a drone at your wedding could leave you (and your guests) feeling like Big Brother is watching. One recent groom told The New York Times, “I didn’t know they would be there during the ceremony. I almost had a heart attack when I saw one approaching the huppah.”

Yes, the photos and video a drone takes can be pretty amazing, and drones at weddings could become quite common in the next few years as the technology improves and the laws become more accommodating…but we’re not ready for them to become as popular at weddings as Mason jars quite yet.

What do you think, Loverlies? Are drones at weddings worth it?

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