5 Doubts Every Bride Has Before Marriage

As you get closer and closer to the big day, there’s a good chance you’re freaking out a little bit. Even if you know deep down that you’re marrying the love of your life, you may still have some creeping doubts.

Look, spending the rest of your days with one person is a huge deal. And it’s certainly not easy. (Some might even say that doing so goes against human nature.) So, it’s only natural that you might feel a little bit worried about the journey to come.

To make you feel a bit better about these fears, here are five doubts every bride has before marriage.

Doubts Every Bride Has Before Marriage

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1 What if we get bored with each other?

With the average age of marriage hovering around 30 and the average life expectancy somewhere in the 70s, nowadays most of us will spend about 50 years with our spouses, if we follow the whole “’til death do us part” clause in our wedding vows.

But think about it this way: Do you worry about getting bored of your parents? Or your best friend? Chances are, these people will be in your life for many decades, too, and there’s no reason to worry about those relationships lasting a lifetime. Your marriage won’t be any different.

2 What if my partner falls out of love with me?

Of course you’re going to worry about this one, because it would pretty much be the worst thing ever. But there is seriously no way to prevent it—even if you’re the best wife in the world and do everything “right,” sometimes things go down for no reason. It’s absolutely terrifying and that’s why this doubt is normal.  Because it just sucks.

Doubts Every Bride Has Before Marriage

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

3 What if I fall out of love with my partner?

Luckily, baring anything your partner does that might spark this, there’s one major thing you can do to prevent this one: Check yourself before you get a little to close to, say, that hot guy that just got hired at work. Emotional relationships can easily turn into something more, so being careful to protect your heart can help you protect your marriage.

4 What if I should have married [insert ex’s name here]?

If you should have, you would have. That said, it’s natural to wonder what would have happened had someone else popped the question. To help you remember why you didn’t end up down that path, call someone who really remembers who you were at the time of that relationship and he or she can likely assure you that you’re way better off.

5 What if something terrible happens in our lives and it drives us apart?

We’ve all heard horror stories of couples divorcing after awful occurrences… Life can throw us some really, really rotten curveballs. But rather than worry about these hypothetical situations, continue to build your bond as partners so that if you do have to weather a storm of epic proportions, you’ll be strong enough to hold each other up!

–By Natasha Burton

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