This Day-Of Wedding Checklist Will Keep You Organized And On Track

Your wedding day has the possibility to get really hectic if you don’t have a game plan ready. Here’s our  day-of wedding checklist that’s bound to keep you on track and stress-free.

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Day-Of Wedding Checklist To Keep You Sane

Eat a hearty breakfast

Make sure you have enough energy to get through this busy day by not skipping breakfast. Indulge in something nutritious and satisfying.


Introduce your wedding professionals and site managers to your emergency contact.

Keep all your main points of contact in touch with each other for convenience and efficiency.


Ensure final checks, including tips, are in envelopes and ready to be handed off to vendors and professionals.

Let the payment process for your vendors be seamless and easy.


Give your rings to a member of your wedding party

Until it’s time for your ring bearer, if you have one, to present your rings down the aisle, give them to a trusted member of your wedding party for safekeeping.


Review the decoration of your venue

How’s your decoration looking? Is it everything your vision boards inspired?


Get your wedding favors in order

Double-check that your wedding favors are prepared and preplaced for your guests to grab  while they’re at their table/seat or before they leave.


Preview the venue

Do a last minute walk through of the venue before your guests start to arrive.


Run point with all of your vendors, decorators, and entertainment

Make sure everyone is in sync, feels good, and is on the same page.


Start getting ready!

Start putting on your attire and getting your hair and makeup done so you can look amazing at the altar.


Eat, drink, and be married!

Go on and say “I Do”…


Feel free to print this out, add tasks, remove some, and delegate to others if it makes your day that much easier. Lastly, remember to keep calm and enjoy this once in a lifetime day.