7 Signs Your Bestie was Born to Be a Bridesmaid

Choosing bridesmaids is tricky business, whether you’re struggling to decide who’s truly up to the task or narrowing down a too-big bunch. If you’re looking for a little help, here are eight signs that your friend will make a great bridesmaid.
1. She’s been there for the long haul. New friends are wonderful, and over time they can become old friends, but one surefire way to know that your bridesmaid will be there for you is by her track record. Have you been besties since elementary school? Or joined at the hip since college? Consider choosing this lady for your bridesmaid, she’s proven that she’s not going anywhere.

2. She’s not a flake. All of us are busy, between work, relationships, friends, and family. Does this friend make plans and stick to them? That’s the person you need by your side on your wedding day.
3. She loves you and your partner-to-be. Choosing a maid of honor or bridesmaid who not only loves YOU, but loves your partner-to-be, and supports your relationship, is key. Brides need someone who is going to support not only them, but their spouse and their commitment to each other.
4. She’s connected to your family. Bridesmaids who know the ins-and-outs of family dynamics can be a huge asset to a bride. Does your mom have a tendency to get overly emotional? The bridesmaid who knows her well can anticipate that. Does your brother need someone to partner up with on the dance floor? She’ll be the girl to do it.

5. She loves a good party. While she doesn’t necessarily have to be a social butterfly, your bridesmaids should enjoy having fun. The last thing that you need is someone dragging their feet when it comes to party planning.
6. She’s optimistic. Nobody needs a negative Nellie during wedding planning. The person who says “that’s not going to work” or “that sounds terrible” is not bringing anything to the table. Bridesmaids are best when they have a “can-do,” team-player attitude. Because that’s what a bridal party should be – a team.

7. She gets along with everyone. While she doesn’t have to be all sunshine all the time, a bridesmaid should be cooperative. And while differences between bridesmaids may arise during planning, be sure that she’s not going to turn disagreements into larger arguments. Having a bridesmaid with a mellow attitude who can smooth things over is someone you’ll want on your side.
 — By Kimberly Watson

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