Here’s What Bridesmaids Can Really Expect to Spend on All Those Pre-Wedding Events

As bridal showers and bachelorette parties (or should we say weekend getaways!) continue to become more and more elaborate, one thing remains constant… You can expect to shell out quite a bit of cash to participate in your pal’s pre-wedding events!

From the engagement party to the big day, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to spend as a bridesmaid:
Here's What Bridesmaids Can Really Expect to SpendPhoto by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

Engagement Party $25-$100

Small Gift for the Couple $25-100

Bridal Shower (25 Guests or Under, Hosted by You) Approximately $475-$725

Food and Beverage (Around $15 per guest) $375

Invitations and Postage $25-$50

Decorations $50-$100

Bridal Shower Gift  $25-$200

Bridal Shower (30-50 Guests, Hosted by You) Approximately $925-$1,200

Food and Beverage (Around $15 per guest) $750

Invitations and Postage $50-$100

Decorations $100-$150

Bridal Shower Gift $25-$200

Bridal Shower (If You’re Attending) Approximately $25-$200

Bridal Shower Gift $25-$200

Bachelorette Party Approximately $120-$170 Remember, you’ll most likely be expected to split the costs of the bride for the evening with the other bridesmaids and guests.

Limo Rental (Per Person) $50

Accessories & Games $20

Food and Beverages $50-$100

Bachelorette Weekend (Approximately $300-$1,250) Estimates based on a weekend trip. Keep in mind that in addition to your expenses, you might be asked to help split the cost of the bride’s expenses as well.

Transportation to Destination $50-$500

Accommodations $100-$300

Food and Beverages $100-$300

Miscellaneous Activities (Think boat tour, night at the club, spa day etc) $150

It’s easy to see how those pre-wedding event expenses can quickly add up! While we’re not telling you to blow off your pal’s shower and bachelorette, it’s important to consider the added costs before over-committing yourself!

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