9 Thoughts You Have When Your Bestie Asks You to Be Her Bridesmaid

When your bestie finally asks you to be a part of her big day, you’re sure to experience all of the emotions. And while you’re initially very happy for her, sometimes you may deliver a different type of reaction. #ItHappens

From total joy to wondering what your role will actually entail, here are nine thoughts that are sure to accompany your new role as “bridesmaid.”

Bridesmaid Proposal Reactions

1. “Eee! I can’t believe I’m going to be a bridesmaid…”

2. “Ok, wait. My bestie is actually getting married. This is really real.”

3. “Hmm… I sure hope she picks good dresses. She knows I don’t do (insert color or style here), right?”

4. “Man, I love my bestie SO much. #squadgoals!”

5. “Hold up. What am I gonna need to help with? DIYs are like, really hard…”

6. “I wonder who else was asked to be a bridesmaid… I hope I actually like them.”

7. “Ooh, there better be some cute single groomsmen at this thing…”

8. “Ok, I’m ready to get my party on!”

9. “This is gonna be pretty great.”