Top 3 Ways to Make the Best of Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day

“I hope it rains on my wedding day”, said no one ever! They say it’s good luck, but let’s face it, no one hopes for rain. Unfortunately, no matter how much planning and preparation goes into a wedding, you can’t predict Mother Nature. Now, if you should be one of those couples who is stuck with miserable weather on the most glorious day of your life, here are some ways to make the best out of the situation.

  • 1) If rain (or snow, or wind, or sandstorms, or humidity, or whatever) is really a concern, consider having an indoor wedding. While many couples enjoy the beauty of outdoor ceremonies and/or receptions, indoor ceremonies and receptions can be just as glorious, and it takes one less stress off your shoulders, worrying about having a plan B.
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Photo: Christie Pham

  • 2) If it does rain, and you had planned to take photos outside, just go with it and have fun. Many photographers will provide you with props to use to make your photos look as glorious as they were meant to be.

Photo: Sue Kamal

3) Many couples love winter wonderland themes, and snow is quite beautiful. However, it could wreak havoc on guest travel plans. You might want to consider an extended weekend wedding, just in case. Imagine a weekend-long celebration in a ski lodge or rustic mountain retreat. Sounds pretty nice to me.

Photo: Sweet Ice Cream Photography