15 Thanksgivings GUARANTEED to Be More Awkward than Yours

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. You might be nervous about meeting your fiance’s extended family for the first time (you’ve heard some stories) or maybe you’re scared to introduce your other half to your crazy Uncle Harry because of that weird tradition he insists upon that NO ONE should be subjected to. Well, here are 15 Thanksgiving photos from Awkward Family Photos that will help you feel better. We promise these are WAY more awkward than anything you’re about to experience!

1. Baby. It’s what’s for dinner.

2. Who needs a tray?

3. At least these folks aren’t your in-laws…

4. Every family has a weird tradition, but, come on…

6. Can you tell which child is the favorite?

7. This photo is from the year fondly remembered as “The Thanksgiving When Everyone Got Lice.”

8. Remember, you don’t get to choose your family

9. Someone took the whole “bird” thing a little too far…

10. This turkey feast is SERIOUS business.

11. This guy has been banished to the kids table. He knows what he did.

12. The family that DIYs together, stays together.

13. The prop stylist REALLY should have thought this one through…

14. This was the exact moment the word “hangry” was first coined.

15. One word: tryptophan.

All photos courtesy of Awkward Family Photos.

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