8 Awesome Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

If putting on a tight, white dress and rocking a veil while stumbling from bar to bar isn’t really your thing, don’t worry; you have options when it comes to your bachelorette party. The weekend is supposed to be about you and your girls hanging out and having fun, so find an activity that fits your style. Here are 8 great options for the bride-to-be that wants something a little different. We’ve pulled together a list of of awesome alternative bachelorette party ideas.

alternative bachelorette party ideas
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1 Plan a spa day. 

Looking for a different way to indulge? Treat yourself to manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages galore. What better way is there to enjoy some downtime with your crew? Everyone will leave feeling better than when they arrived.

2 Go on a yoga retreat. 

Wedding planning can be stressful for you AND your crew (yes, those late-night phone calls will get to them). So suggest a yoga retreat where everyone can take a moment’s pause. A weekend of R&R will reinvigorate everyone; which means they’ll all be ready to dive back into wedding planning again real soon!

3 Take a long hike. 

Take your bridesmaids outside! The view from the top of a mountain will make for beautiful and memorable pictures with your favorite ladies, and the fresh air, steep climb, and warm sun will help clear your head.

4 Get your sweat on. 

Many studios offer bridal boot camps, “Sweat for the Dress” classes, and other ways for brides and bridesmaids to get moving. This option will have you and your crew looking and feeling your best in time for the wedding.

5 Bash on the beach.

Who doesn’t love the beach? A vacation by the ocean might be just what the doctor ordered after a long few months of planning. A little sun, a lot of sand, and a few of your besties? NEVER a bad combo.

Awesome Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas

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6 Try something new! 

Forget your regular ol’ neighborhood bar you’ve been visiting for years. Try something new on for size! You could sign up for everything from a burlesque class and cocktail lessons to trapeze flying or ice skating. Not only will you leave the night with a new skill, but also plenty of hilarious memories with your girls.

7 Pack a bag and go camping.

Get out of town for a few days! A weekend in the woods sans cell phone will allow for time to reflect and just focus on what matters: the people who love you most. Snuggle up by the fire, tell ghost stories, go for long walks, and cook up some s’mores. The fresh air will do everyone good.

8 Have an old-school sleepover. 

Looking to bash on a budget? Whether one of your girls hosts everyone at her house or you rent a hotel room (make sure it’s a connecting room if you have more than four girls!), bring on the movie rentals, the snuggle seshes, and a game of Truth or Dare. The best part? ICE CREAM SUNDAES.

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