9 Popular Wedding Colors to Consider for Your Wedding Palette

From DIYs to dress ideas, we can all agree that Pinterest is a wedding game-changer! Well, if your big day color palette has you stumped, it looks like Pinterest’s latest color report could come in handy too.

Read on to find out which popular wedding colors crushed it on Pinterest and borrow them for your big day.

1. Blush pink

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Pale pink has been a wedding staple for years—we’ll just never get sick of it!

2. Mint green

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This classic can look nautical, preppy, shabby chic or whimsical, all depending on how you style it.

3. Astronaut blue

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This hue is huge in men’s fashion—let it inspire your guys’ formalwear!

4. Dark, dramatic blues

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Midnight blues and navy make perfect colors for more upscale affairs, and they’re having a major moment in makeup right now.

5. Dark green

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Emerald and forest greens look great on practically everyone, and you won’t have trouble finding florals and greenery to go with it!

6. Lavender

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Purple will always be a popular wedding color, and we’re loving this pastel twist. It’s perfectly picturesque for a spring wedding or shower!

7. Mauve

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Another twist on a classic purple, mauve makes a statement that’s out of the box but not too obnoxiously bright.

8. Gray

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Gray is the new go-to neutral. In fact, it would look fabulous paired with any other color on this list!

9. Outside-the-box pairings

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Forget the tried-and-true color combos—be daring with an unexpected pairing! Pinterest suggests tangerine and tan, copper and chocolate, fuchsia and flame, and we couldn’t agree more!

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