8 More Signs You Are SO Ready to Be Done with Wedding Planning

Yes, you’re excited for your wedding, and you can’t wait to actually be married to your sweetheart, but you are so over the big day build-up. You’ve been planning and preparing for what feels like forever, and you haven’t had time for much else in your life. Now, you’re totally exhausted and ready for the planning to be over with. Enough is enough, right? Can’t you just tie the knot today? So we compiled a list of 8 real wedding planning reactions that you’re beyond DONE with the planning portion of this party…

8 Wedding Planning Reactions

1. You so much as look at a wedding cake and immediately get a tummy ache (too many cake tastings).

2. You’re go-to reaction when any wedding questions come up is, well, this…

3. The idea of running away and eloping is becoming more appealing to you by the day.

4. You realize you’ve spent way more time talking to your wedding vendors lately than to your own best friends.

5. Just hearing the phrase “big day” (again) makes you want to weep.

6. You’ve already gotten married multiple times… in recurring nightmares where you forget your rings, your vows, or your dress.

7. Horror movies no longer seem to scare you, but the thought of a catering faux pas gives you crazy anxiety.

8. If anyone so much as utters the term “DIY” in front of you, your eye starts to twitch.

Are you in the final stretch, Loverlies? Hang in there!


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