7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stationery Mother Earth-Approved

It’s more apparent than ever that we all need to be conscious of our impact on the environment, and our weddings are no exception! So, make sure your big day is easy on good old Mother Earth with these 7 eco-friendly ideas for your stationery.

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Photo by Lane Dittoe 

1. Use Recycled Paper. By cutting out just one ton of traditional paper between your save the dates, invitations, and day-of materials, you can save up to 380 gallons of gasoline. (Woah.) Consider options like bamboo or hemp-based papers instead – they provide a beautiful texture and loverly feeling for invitations.

2. Work Your Wedding Website. If you’re open to straying from the traditional route of sending stationery, you can use a custom wedding website to announce your wedding date, collect mailing addresses, and track replies. Plus, your guests will love being able to RSVP, book a hotel, and send a gift all in one place.

3. Pick Non-Traditional Place Cards. Get creative and go green with each person’s place setting! Consider printing each of your guests’ names on a stone, or write their name in gold cursive on the folds of a leaf. Show your love for the great outdoors while being eco-conscious.

4. Practice Your Calligraphy. Consider hand addressing your save the dates and invites, and take it a step further by handwriting the names on your escort cards. Snag a recyclable earth-friendly pen and paper, and you’ll skip all the toxic inks, labels, and wasteful printer paper!

5. Opt for Plantable Paper. Plantable invitations are made of post-consumer materials and embedded with the seeds of your choice. By sending out plantable stationery, your guests will be able to create their own flower, herb, or vegetable gardens from your invites.

6. Get Guests to Share.  Does each guest really need his or her own program or menu? Instead, print one program for every two to three people and one menu per table. Encourage your guests to share, and get to know each other while they’re at it.

7. Ask an Expert. If you’ve fallen in love with an invitation or another printed piece that isn’t so eco-friendly, discuss different options with your stationer to decrease the carbon footprint. Many printers have access to soy or vegetable-based inks and are familiar with other alternatives to help keep your impact in check.

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