7 Small Wedding Planning Wins That Are Totally Worth Celebrating

The secret’s out – wedding planning can be stressful. In fact, there are days where it seems like nothing is going your way, which is all the more reason to celebrate when things finally do! Here are the 7 wedding planning feelings and wins that are totally worth celebrating (and then some).

Wedding Planning Feelings

1. You found the perfect dress!


2. You had a seamless vendor booking. (Almost hard to believe!)

3. You’ve finished writing your vows. GO TEAM!

4. You actually agree on a cake flavor.

5. Your bridesmaids responded to your emails on time.

6. You secured the venue of your dreams at a time that’s actually convenient.

7. You really realize you’ve found the PERFECT person.

Remember, Loverlies – don’t sweat the small stuff, and celebrate your small victories! to chat FREE with one of our virtual wedding planners and choose from affordable planning packages.