5 Qualities You Definitely Want Your MOH to Have

Your fiancé may be your partner in crime for life, but your Maid of Honor is likely second in line—she’s going to be your other rock as you go through the wedding planning process and will be on-hand to make sure you’re good to go on the big day. The role of maid of honor is super important, and while you may already know who you’d like to fill this role, you definitely want your MOH to have these five key qualities.

Role of Maid of Honor – 5 Qualities You Definitely Want Your MOH to Have


Supportive: Your MOH not only needs to have your back, she should for sure have your best interests in mind. Someone who’s jealous of the fact that you’re engaged—and she’s not—or seems to have her own agenda when it comes to your wedding may not be the best choice for the job as your right-hand woman.

Assertive: When it comes to wrangling your bridesmaids and creating a plan for your pre-wedding soirees, your MOH will likely need to manage all sorts of suggestions and ideas—some of which will not be suitable for you. (For example: One of your bridesmaids may be dead set on hiring a male stripper for your bachelorette—something that would make you want to die of embarrassment.) She’ll need to be able to not only keep your best interests in mind, but she also needs to be willing to stand up for you—and herself—if needed.

Organized: In order to plan your pre-wedding events, your MOH will also need to be fairly methodical when it comes to handling all the moving parts, from sending invitations to choosing the menu for your shower, and making hotel accommodations to figuring out entertainment for your bachelorette. Since she may also be in charge of making sure all the bridesmaids are outfitted for the big day, you’ll want your MOH to be the type who would never let anything fall through the cracks.

Non-judgmental: You’re going to want someone who you can confide in throughout the wedding planning process about anything from feeling slighted when a pal decides to decline your wedding invitation to inevitable family drama to being totally indecisive about your bouquet flowers. Your MOH should ideally provide a listening ear and be willing to give advice without judgment.

Honest: As it often happens during wedding planning, you may get fixated on wedding detail or DIY project that really doesn’t need to be attended to with so much focus. Or you might start worrying over hypothetical situations. While your MOH should provide the sounding board you’ll need, she should also be able to tell you when you’re being just a tiny bit crazy. That’s what friends are for, after all!

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