5 Expert Tips That’ll Get You the Best Wedding Video Ever

As most newlyweds would agree, your wedding day can pass by in a flash. However, long after the cake is cut and the very last song is played, a video can last a lifetime.

So, how do you make sure you capture the best wedding video ever? We spoke with some seasoned experts over at NST Pictures, who gave us five tips that’ll land you a big day film you’ll love for years to come. Rewind!

1. Choose your videographer based on their style and track record. Check out the wedding videography company’s reviews to confirm that other couples “forgot that the videographer was even there” and that they “produced a gorgeous wedding video within the promised timeframe.”

What you see on their website is what you’re going to get after your big day, so be sure you’re choosing a videography company because you love their wedding films.

2. Prepare your toast-givers. It’s a tradition for the father of the bride, best man, and maid of honor to give speeches at the reception. Dad probably knows what he’s doing, but it might be the first time that your friends have attended a wedding.

A few months before the wedding, reach out to your wedding party and ask them if they plan to give a speech. Now is the perfect time to gently remind them that everyone you know will be in the audience, including grandma and a wedding videographer, so keep it PG. Save the embarrassing stories about exes and lewd jokes for the bachelor or bachelorette party.

3. Add a personal touch. Many couples write their own vows to make their ceremony unique to their relationship. And this is an awesome way to make your wedding video your own, too. Hearing your other half speak straight from the heart and be completely open in their thoughts about your life together and future is an amazing moment to relive.

If you’re more traditional, consider writing each other letters and having someone from the bridal party deliver them the morning of your wedding. Read them aloud, so your videographer can capture the sound and use the sentimental words to kick off your film.

4. Let your wedding videographer choose the music. You may be tempted to request your favorite song for your wedding video, but most videographers don’t recommend it. When the editor looks at your wedding footage, he or she gets inspired and chooses music to set the tone of the film and captivate the viewer.

Maybe you wore a sparkling ball gown, said traditional vows, and got married in wintry wonderland. The editor might choose a cinematic song that sounds like a movie score to showcase the glamour of your day. If you have a rustic farm wedding in the summer, where you and your fiancé ran through a wildflower field and read heartfelt letters at the altar, the editor might chose an upbeat, folk love song.

By all means, if you dislike a style of music, be sure to tell your editor, but if you keep an open mind and allow the editor’s creative energy to flow, you’ll get the gorgeous wedding film that inspired you to hire your videographer in the first place.

5. Enjoy yourself on your wedding day. Tight timelines, over-thinking, and worrying can really take a toll on you on a day that is already jam-packed. You don’t want to watch your wedding film and think, “Wow, I look so stressed!”

When your wedding day rolls around, focus on the important things, like relaxing with your bridesmaids or groomsmen in the morning, taking time to thank your parents, and being present during your ceremony. When it’s time to party, connect with your friends and family and let loose a little.

After all, when you watch your wedding video, all of the excitement and happiness will come back. You’ll remember what an amazing day it really was every time you press play.