12 Things No One Tells You About Wedding DIYs

DIY-ing your wedding can be totally awesome…until it’s 24 hours before your wedding and you’ve got glue in your hair and you’re not sure the paint is actually going to be dry in time for the reception. Here are 12 things you need to know before you take on any DIY projects.

Photo by Vero Suh Photography

1. Your projects will take over your dining room table…and then your house…and then your life. If you don’t have any extra space, you may look like you belong in an episode of “Hoarders” by your wedding day.

2. You should definitely do a few practice rounds before you fully commit to anything. Fact: just because someone on the Internet makes it look easy does not mean it’s actually easy.

3. You will make so many trips to your local craft store. Make all the shopping lists you want; you will forget something or underestimate the amount of supplies you need on 80 percent of your trips.

4. Oh, and while you’re there, you definitely need to buy extra supplies. Because you WILL mess things up. Hey, you’re only human…not Martha Stewart. If you’re planning to do calligraphy on 100 envelopes, do not buy 100 envelopes. Buy 115 envelopes. You can always return the unused supplies after the wedding.

5. You may not actually save any money. By the time you’ve figured out everything you need, bought extra supplies, paid for shipping on a few items, realized owning a paper cutter will save your sanity, and tried three different kinds of wood glue, you may have been better off just buying something on Etsy.

6. You’re going to become a coupon queen.  See also: #5. Start collecting those Michael’s 40% off coupons like it’s your job. You may hold up the line with all the scanning that’s about to happen, but you’ll be thankful that you actually have some spending cash by the time you get to the honeymoon.

7. Hot glue burns with the fire of 1,000 suns. Do yourself a favor and pick up some finger caps on your next trip to the craft store. You’ll thank us later.

8. Men’s relationship with DIY is not always what it seems. You may think every guy knows how to use tools and doesn’t care about decorative stamps. You will quickly learn just how wrong you are.

9. All the physical labor will leave you seriously sore.  When a weekend of DIY leaves you wincing in pain, you’ll realize that your barre classes haven’t gotten you quite as fit as you thought they had. The good news: DIY projects are better than any pre-wedding fitness plan your personal trainer could come up with. It’s just science.

10. Getting your nails done becomes useless.  Why bother? They are just going to get covered in paint and wood stain every weekend. We recommend wearing gloves whenever possible…and pampering right before the wedding after all the projects are complete.

11. You may need to rent bigger vehicle to get everything to your venue. Even if you don’t have that many projects, they just fill up so many boxes and suddenly, a U-Haul (or Mack Truck) makes the most sense.

12. You’re going to find glitter all over your house well past your first wedding anniversary. Glitter is basically a squatter; once you bring it into your home, it NEVER leaves.

–By Rachel W. Miller

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