12 Signs You Have the Best Bridesmaids EVER

Is wedding planning getting you stressed? Pretty sure your girls are the greatest in the world? Here are the top signs that you have the best gal pals in your bridal squad. #squadgoals

12 Signs You Have the Best Bridesmaids EVER


1. They were equal parts psyched and honored when you asked them to be in your wedding.

2. You didn’t even have to ask them to help you with boring tasks like addressing envelopes — they volunteered.

3. No matter what you’re feeling down about (whether it’s a snafu with your florist or a budget blunder), they’re there to pick you up.

4. When you send an email or a text with wedding details, they’re always on board and respond with plenty of exclamation points and emojis.

5. You’re not sure who’s more excited for the wedding — you or your crew.

6. You’re not the only one crying happy tears when you find the dress.

7. When you’re totally stressed, they let you vent and share their wine or ice cream (or both) until you feel better.

8. Your bachelorette party is nothing short of amazing.

9. They’re not afraid to tell you if a DIY project is totally impossible or if it’s time to take a wedding-planning break.

10. On the big day, they make you feel like royalty by holding your bouquet, bringing you drinks, and keeping you smiling.

11. They’re the first ones on the dance floor (even if they’re awkward dancers…).

12. You know that no matter what, they’ll stand by your side from the proposal to the last dance!