10 Things Brides Can Do That Normal People Cannot

Being engaged has its stressful moments…but it also allows you some special privileges you’ll likely never experience again. Read on for 10 weird pre-wedding things you won’t be able to get away with forever.

1. Proudly give your STD to everyone you know.

(That’s a “save the date” if you’re new at this.)

2. Send people a list of $5,000 worth of gifts that you’d like to receive.

3.  Invite a bunch of people to a party and tell them they better not wear jeans or one specific color.

4. Get people to plan expensive parties in your honor and shower you with gifts.

5. Insist five people go on a shopping trip with you…but only so they can sit there and watch you try on clothes.

6. Get friends and family to do several tedious tasks for you, no questions asked.

7. Make your friends pay to get their hair, nails, and makeup done in the style of your choosing.

8. Hire a professional to take photos of you and your partner standing in a field doing nothing except fake-laughing…and then send said photos to all your closest friends.

(Awkward engagement photos FTW!)

9. Throw a party and force people to sit with whomever you decide.

10. Tell your friends to all dress alike for an event…in matching $200 dresses…and actually have them do it.

—By Rachel W. Miller

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