What Your Favorite City Says About Your Ideal Color Palette

Do you have a city that’s your total fave? Whether it’s the place you live, somewhere you’ve been, or a destination you’ve got big plans to visit, take inspiration from the hues and tones native to the area for your big day palette.

Here are eight perfectly paired color choices that complement our favorite cities.

1. Charleston, South Carolina. This southern city is full of pretty historical houses and picture-perfect live oak trees. For Charleston-inspired colors, choose pastel and neutral tones with a slightly feminine vibe.

2. Portland, Oregon. Portland has that whole Pacific Northwest vibe going on. When choosing colors inspired by Portland, take into account the moodiness of the weather. We picture a Portland palette filled with greys, neutrals, and muted blues and greens.

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3. New York City, New York. Every New Yorker’s favorite color is black, right? For a Big Apple-inspired palette, play up the blacks, whites, and shades of grey. You can even incorporate modern elements like marble or concrete for a city-chic style.

4. Rome, Italy. This Italian city is filled with earthy-toned hues. For a Roman look, blend rich neutrals and shades of peach. Then throw in lush greens like rosemary, lemon leaf, and eucalyptus for a complete look.

5. Santorini, Greece. Combine the crisp beauty of white with brilliant blues inspired by the sea and you’ve got a totally coastal and classic Santorini mood. Complement those colors with a pop of yellow or pink.

6. San Francisco, CA. Inspired by the pretty shades of San Francisco’s row homes, we think that pastels are perfect for this historical Cali city.

7. Paris, France. There’s a reason why so many couples find inspiration in this city. We picture the Parisian palette as mostly neutral with hints of a muted colors, like mint or blush.


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