5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas You’ve Probably Never Considered

Not interested in honeymooning in Bora Bora? We hear you. Traditional honeymoon destinations aren’t for everyone. From the overpriced margaritas to the crowded hotel pools, we understand that many of today’s couples are looking for post-wedding travel that’s a bit more off beat. So skip the usual honeymoon digs and try one of these unconventional honeymoon ideas instead.

1. Unwind in a just-for-grownups treehouse.

unconventional honeymoon destinations, honeymoon ideas

If you’re anything like us, you absolutely loved treehouses as a kid. There’s something so magical about hiding out in your own little hut, tucked way up in the sky. Reignite that sense of childhood wonder with a honeymoon at Treehouse Point, just outside Seattle. You could even marry there, then stick around for a week and unwind in the treetops.

2. Give back and feel good on a volunteer honeymoon.

unconventional honeymoon ideas, honeymoon destinations

If you’re a more adventurous pair, consider taking a “volunteer honeymoon” after your wedding. There are plenty of opportunities for newlyweds to give back on their post-wedding trips: Head to Zimbabwe to support a lion repopulation program; give at-risk children a leg up by volunteering at a daycare center in Nepal; or spend time in rural Philippine communities, building infrastructure and caring for kids.

3. Rent an authentic gypsy caravan.

unconventional honeymoon destinations, honeymoon ideas

Rent out a vacation home through Under the Hatch, a company that restores heritage properties across Europe. Under the Hatch offers authentic gypsy caravan rentals in Wales and Ireland — a totally unique honeymoon experience for offbeat couples.

4. Chill out with your sweetheart at the ice hotel.

unconventional honeymoon ideas, honeymoon destinations

Many newlyweds seek out warmer climates on their honeymoons, but if you love winter sports and chillier weather, why not head to Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada? The hotel, open from January to March, is constructed almost entirely from snow and ice, offering a once-in-a-lifetime getaway experience — but don’t worry, it’s warm inside!

5. Keep your manicure in tact on a “glamping” trip.

unconventional honeymoon ideas

Photo by: Mel Barlow and Co on Shelter Co. 

A summertime lakeside camping trip with your friends is always fun, but the firm ground and flimsy tent walls aren’t necessarily romantic honeymoon material (unless you’re into that sort of thing!). Take your camping game up a notch and go “glamping” on your honeymoon — yes, that’s “glam + camping.” Glamping.com is a great resource for couples looking to plan the ultimate high-end camping trip anywhere in the world — because a cozy bed is kind of necessary after saying “I do.”


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