8 Activities That’ll Save Your Relationship On a Long Road Trip

Got a road trip with your S.O. coming up? From following tedious directions and dining at one-too-many fast food establishments to long amounts of time spent in a (very) confined space, road trips can be… well… challenging.

Here are eight road trip relationship savers that will help keep you and your partner stay sane during your next car trip. And, hey, you might even have some fun!

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1 Play This or That.

Get to know your partner better by asking silly questions on preferences. From learning whether he/she likes “Pepsi or Coke” to getting into deeper questions like “Money or Happiness,” this is a no-stress way of killing time.

2 Ask 20 Questions.

If you could ask any 20 questions to your partner, what would they be? From funny to serious, think of twenty questions and ask away. To make things interesting, only allow your partner one pass on a question. When you’ve asked all twenty, switch and give your partner the opportunity to ask.

3 Create a swear jar.

Pick one word that you’re not allowed to say during the course of the road trip. (It doesn’t have to be a swear word!) Anytime you or your partner says the word, drop in a quarter. By the time you make it to your destination, you’ll have enough money to buy a sweet treat or dinner!

4 Make a killer playlist.

Spend some time pre-trip creating playlists that you know you and your partner would like. From modern hits to throwbacks and sing-alongs, having great music will make the time go by way faster.

5 Play the A-Z game.

Start with the letter A, then find something (either inside of the car or out) that begins with that letter. Once you name A, move on to B. For example “There’s an American Flag,” “There’s a BBQ restaurant.” First person to complete the alphabet wins.

6 Try to Guess Who.

Pick a famous person in your head and see if your partner can figure out who it is. Remember, he/she can only ask yes or no questions to find the answer. Get creative with your famous person to spice things up!

7 Make better stops.

Make sure to make thoughtful and exciting stops along the way. Instead of pulling off into a basic fast-food restaurant, plan further ahead and find a local spot to check out. Are there any interesting landmarks or towns along the way? Plan to take a little extra time and stop! We promise it will be fun to get off the highway!

8 Play Song Speak.

Play a game where you and your partner can only speak using lyrics to songs. Be ready to seriously LOL at this game!

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