9 New Honeymoon Trends You Need To Know About

What’s new in honeymoon trends? Couples are putting their own stamp on this tradition by rethinking The Trip. Everything’s up for reinvention: destinations, how many days or weeks, when the trip happens, and more. Once the sparklers have fizzled out and the birdseed is tossed, the next-step for the newly married is anything but conventional.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Tanja Heffner 

Short and Sweet: the Mini-Moon
Some newlyweds want to acknowledge their marriage but are just not up to taking a weeks-long vacation. Life issues (a new job, a cross-country move, wedding exhaustion, etc.) can all conspire to rule out taking a long trip. That’s when a mini-moon makes sense. A two-day or long weekend jaunt can be an indulgent, stress-free getaway that puts a fitting cap on the big event.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Jeremy Wong 

Small is Good: the Tiny-Moon
After the last champagne toast, change into your going-away garb and….don’t go away. Stay put in a hotel or resort in your hometown or wedding locale. A staycation for wedding couples, the tiny-moon can be just as luxurious as you want, with golf and tennis, spa services, four-star meals, and lots of downtime in fluffy robes with phones turned off.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Christopher Burns 

Power Up: the Adventure Moon
Riding Icelandic ponies past bubbling hot springs, whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, hiking the Inca Trail at 13,000 feet—unconventional itineraries in the great outdoors are the hallmark of adventure-moons. Couples who love physical challenges and off-the-beaten-track experiences are opting for adrenalin-packed activities in far-reaching locations.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Peter Hershey 

Off the Grid: the Mega-Moon
For newlyweds with the time and inclination, the Mega-Moon blocks out months on the calendar for a deep-dive into travel exploration. From mapping a whole continent such as Europe or hopscotching across Southeast Asian ports-of-call to New Zealand and Tasmania, the mega-moon rewrites the rules of honeymoon expectations. Multiple destinations, multiple countries, multiple visas: it may sound complicated but is actually easy to plan and book.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by yulinar rusman

More the Merrier: the Buddy-Moon
An adventure with other couples who just got married (or a handful of single friends) can be a convivial and fun-packed memory-maker—they don’t call these people the wedding party for nothing. A buddy-moon brings friends together—something to be treasured in today’s fast-paced work environment.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Annie Spratt 

Voluntouring: the Giving-Moon
Want to start off married life with some good karma? Volunteer trips can add a warm glow that lasts longer than a beach suntan. Couples are helping in communities, planting trees, and giving support around the globe. And there are lots of opportunities with socially responsible, philanthropic properties, to indulge in some much-needed post-wedding pampering and still give back.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by anja. 

Road Romance: the Driving-Moon
The open road beckon some newlyweds with the chance to explore off-the-beaten path destinations, intriguing roadside attractions, and hidden luxury inns. The California coast, the American West, Scottish Highlands, Switzerland and New Zealand’s South Island are some sought-after honeymoon road trip itineraries.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Yap Chin Kuan 

We’re On A Boat!: the Cruising-Moon
Forget the mob-scene cruise: couples are opting for smaller luxury vessels, with limited passenger lists, deluxe accommodations and attentive service. For smoother sailing and truly unique itineraries, river cruises provide an alternative to a small ship.

new honeymoon trends

Photo by Ilya Ilyukhin 

Yum: the Foodie-Moon
Gourmands are plotting their honeymoon by meals rather than destinations. Hot buttons are gourmet street food, 12-course tasting menus, farm-to-table fare, and even salt sommeliers. Paris, Tuscany, the Champagne region, Italy and Spain are the buzziest options for culinary journeys.

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