5 Glam Italian Big Day Locations

Italy offers a wide variety of fabulous location types to tie the knot. Our best selection includes from traditional renovated inns, farmhouses, and hamlets to prestigious medieval castles and modern beach clubs with private, white sandy beaches.

1. Masseria.

Masserie are typical estate buildings that can be found in Southern Italy. Featuring white stone walls, a courtyard, and a garden filled with olive and lemon trees, they exude a traditional Mediterranean flair. Today, many masserie are renovated and transformed into resorts, which offer a variety of rustic and luxurious big day settings.

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2. Borgo.

Borghi are ancient villages or hamlets. Usually, they’re converted into hotels or resortss with several rooms or even houses for rent. These oh-so-cool spots are an amazing way to host your entire wedding party.

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3. Castello.

Medieval castles can be found everywhere in Italy and come in different sizes and shapes. They are just perfect for detailed ceremonies and large guest lists.

4. Palladian Villas.

Palladian villas were erected during the 16th Century in the Veneto and pull their name from their architect, Palladio. They feature stunning doric pilasters, statues, and beautiful painted interiors.

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5. Bagno.

Also called the Italian Peninsula, Italy features a coast long thousands of miles. It’s no wonder that many beach clubs or bagni organize ceremonies and reception bashes on the beach. At sunset, it’s truly a magical experience. (Don’t forget to snap some photos!)

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