The Best Honeymoon Destinations by Month

After many months of wedding planing, the honeymoon is your sweet, sweet reward! And regardless of when you travel, there’s a seasonal destination that’s total perfection. Take a look at nine locales you’re sure to love no matter when you pack your bags.

Honeymoon destinations
Photo by: Esther Julee Photography 

January & February | Belize

The well-traveled couple will love Belize, which offers the warmth and sun of many Central American countries, without a language barrier for English-speakers. Head to Belize in winter months to explore the white sand Caribbean beaches, learn to make chocolate in Toledo, or just cuddle up as newlyweds in one of the many charming hotels.

March & April | Turkey
For the couple who loves history, Istanbul is everything (especially in the spring). The days are long and the weather is calm throughout the country. And, because of the welcoming culture, incredible landscapes, and luxurious resorts, Turkey  is becoming increasingly popular for tourists from around the world.

May | Europe
Whether it’s Paris, Dublin, Barcelona or London, Europe is perfect in May. The weather won’t be too hot, but it will be warmer than many parts of the states. An added bonus? Flowers are in bloom, and after long winters, these world-renown cities will be coming back to life.

June | Alaska
For venturous couples, there’s no better time to visit the vast plains and towering mountains of Alaska than June. Wildlife abounds, adventure awaits, and you won’t need to worry about winter storms while you explore this rugged locale.

July & August | Central & South Africa
There’s no better time to visit this expansive and beautiful continent than the summer months. Worried it will be too hot? Remember that most Central and Southern African countries are below the equator and have the opposite seasons as the States. Visiting in the summer months will save you from sweltering heat, the rainy season, and other weather deterrents.

September | Northern California
For couples tying the knot in the fall, it’s the perfect time of year to visit cities like San Francisco, Sacramento, Sonoma, and Napa. The leaves are turning (to match the hue of the “Golden State”), tourist crowds are starting to thin, and newlyweds have a wider range of places to stay and enjoy.

October | New England
After late-summer or fall nuptials, honeymooning in New England is sure to be a home run. Known for its stunning autumn foliage, places like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine offer cabin or inn rentals for a crisp and colorful getaway.

November | Japan
There’s something for everyone on this beautiful island, from the white sand beaches of Okinawa, to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, to the hot springs of Northern Japan. This country is particularly beautiful in the fall, when the maple leaves turn gorgeous shades of red and gold.

December | Mexico
Whether it’s the beautiful beaches of Cabo San Lucas, or the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula, there’s room for both relaxation and adventure in this country just south of the border. The best part? Escaping the winter weather in the states in favor of Mexican heat!

Mark your calendars and pack your bags, the world of honeymoon destinations awaits!

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