3 Essential Tips You Need to Know for Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding from afar can be easy and simple with the right tips and professionals. Here are our top three destination wedding tips to ensure that you and your S.O. will have an amazing big day and survive all of the planning and prep.

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Destination Wedding Planning Tips

1. Choose your destination with care.

Do not rush into picking the perfect spot for your “I dos.” The location, weather, budget, and time of year are all key factors into find that oh-so-perfect place. If you’re planning to exchange vows in August, then perhaps southern Italy isn’t for you and yours – unless you want to get married to a sweaty spouse. Also, budget is a huge component to locking down the best location for you and your partner. Getting married in Paris or in a small village in the Croatian countryside doesn’t cost the same and can drastically change your finances. You also want to be mindful of the atmosphere and feeling of your location. The destination also sets the mood: for a rustic wedding, opt for nice villa in the Tuscan countryside, whereas for a more formal vibe, places like the French Riviera are just perfect. Finally, check the local calendar for high and low season, events, or bank holidays. You sure don’t want to get married during the off-season in Apulia, when everything is closed or get stuck in the middle of the running of the bulls in Pamplona!

2. Take care of your guests.

You should announce your big day to your guests and the destination you’ve picked as soon as possible, so that they have plenty of time to plan their holidays and travel details. Keep in mind the fact that your friends and loved ones might have tight budgets. For them, your “I dos” could imply traveling not just for the weekend, but for a short stay. Don’t be disappointed if not everybody will be able to attend because of cost or travel issues. If your budget allows it, offer to pay for the stay for your budget conscious friends and family. As for the elderly loved ones and big families who can’t travel all the way around the globe, you can always organize a smaller party at home upon your return.

3. Hire a local planner.

Not every venue has an in-house coordinator and even if it does, I highly recommend to hire someone else, too. In addition to researching and booking vendors, a big day planner can help you with the local language, handling paperwork, organize your stay to make the most of it, take care of your guests and keep them busy, prepare your favors, and vet special requests. Local professionals are always best as they know the venues and small businesses, so they can be on site when you’re not. In any case, you will greatly appreciate their local knowledge and precious advice.

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